FASTIVEN 20pcs Cable Clips Heavy Duty Cable Clips with Strong Self-Adhesive Wire Holder Sticky Tidy and Organizer Drop Wire Holder Cord Management For Car Office and Home (White)

Price: ₹599.00 - ₹199.00
(as of Aug 18,2022 22:57:26 UTC – Details)

The Meubels cable clamp can perfectly fix your large and small cables in the required fixed position, and can use the buckle to adjust the size of the hole, whether it is a PC computer cable or a cable less than 10mm can be perfectly fixed.With a simple and minimalist design, these cable clips can firmly hold all kinds of cables neat and orderly, while easily blending into your home or office decoration.Has a strong self-adhesiveness and can be applied to any smooth surfaces such as walls, tables, plastics, wood, glass, metal, etc.1. Make sure the surface is clean and dry.
2. Press and hold for 30 seconds after sticking.
3. The clips are flat, they do not fit perfectly on curved or rough surface, if you want to use them on curved or rough surface, please install screws.
4. Ensure the surface can’t fall off.

Appearance and size, Transparent appearance, length 1.6 inches, width 0.6 inches,Large size, very convenient to load and unload wires, convenient and practical and beautiful, transparent shape suitable for use in any environmental background
Suitable for pasting on many materials, such as metal, plastic, glass, wood, light grain plastic, tile and other flat surfaces. Do not paste it on the material of plush and lime wall
Usage method,Clean the wall before use, After pasting, press and hold our cable clips for 4 seconds for better results. Due to the small contact surface between adhesive and back glue, the uneven surface must be pressed for more than 5 seconds. When the cable clips is just attached, do not shake thecable clips to test its adhesion, because it usually takes more than 48 hours for the double-sided adhesive tape to exert its maximum adhesion and stabilize
Very easy to use small tools, although it is very small, it can help you effectively tidy up the wires,network cables,No nails, no drilling, say goodbye to the disorderly distribution of wires, tangled together, make the room clean and tidy